For Practitioners

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Airway correction for children and adults

The Myosa® range includes sleep appliances suitable for a wide spectrum of people and includes appliances to suit children as young as two-years-old through to adults as well as specialty appliances for jaw joint (TMJ) disorder and teeth grinding, which are also associated with Sleep Disordered Breathing.

For Snorers

Snoring occurs when airflow through the mouth is obstructed during sleep. When in place the Myosa® for Snorers will open the airway and control over-breathing through the mouth.

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For Juniors & Kids

It has become apparent the causes of SDB develop during early childhood. Rather than allow this airway dysfunction to persist into adulthood the Myosa® for Juniors and Kids corrects it early.

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For TMJ & Grinding

The Myosa® for TMJ range is comprised of a series of soft, flexible appliances specifically designed to assist in diagnosis and provide sufferers with relief from the symptoms of jaw joint (TMJ) disorder.

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