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myOSA for TMJ Disorder

Immediate diagnosis and symptom relief

Jaw joint (TMJ) disorder is a complex issue encompassing a wide range of symptoms and an equally wide range of treatment philosophies. The myOSA® for TMJ Disorder range of myofunctional appliances has been designed with the purpose of assisting with immediate diagnosis and symptom relief right from the first consultation with your doctor.

Because jaw joint (TMJ) disorder involves the teeth, facial muscles and jaw joints interacting to produce a wide range of symptoms, the myOSA® for TMJ Disorder range works by decompressing the jaw joint (TMJ) and moving the lower jaw into the correct position as well as limiting bruxing, mouth breathing and incorrect myofunctional habits.


myOSA for Teeth Grinding

Protect your teeth and jaws against night time grinding and clenching

Teeth grinding, or bruxing, is another common symptom associated with mouth breathing and then exacerbated by stress or nervous tension. This grinding can cause damage to the teeth including visible enamel wearing, tooth cracking or loose teeth. While the entire myOSA™ range will offer some protection against the damage caused by teeth grinding, the myOSA™ for Teeth Grinders is designed specifically for this purpose and provides a protective barrier between the teeth. Intended to wear with use, these appliances can be easily replaced to prevent damage to the teeth.